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I am a 25 year old wife and mother living deep in the heart of Texas. My husband, Andrew, and I were blessed with the sweetest baby girl named Olivia, born in November 2009, and our adorable baby boy, Owen, born in May 2013. I created this blog to keep our friends and family part of our daily lives after we moved across the country. I love being a mom, Chick Fil A, pink, and sweet tea. The Lord has continued to amaze me with his goodness, mercy, and blessings he pours out on our family daily!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Few October Updates

This sweet boy turned 4 months old on the 29th! He is growing and changing every single day. I forgot how quickly this stage goes. We are loving every minute with him...well maybe not as much when he is up in the middle of the night for the 10th time :) I am working on a 4 month update!
Our sweet girl got a big girl bed! I was worried when we came home how she would transition to sleeping all alone upstairs after sleeping in the same room with me for a whole year. Thankfully, she did great!

 We ended up turning our guest bedroom into Owen's nursery, so we moved the queen size bed into Olivia's room, so we would have somewhere for guests to sleep! If you come visit, you get to stay in the pink room :)

Andrew also tackled the huge project of putting new floors in our entire downstairs! We still have one room to go till they are finished, but we are loving NO more carpet!!
I spy a sweet little baby in my living room :)
Owen's sleeping hasn't exactly been stellar for the last month, (a whole other post), so we decided to let him try rice cereal to see if it would help!

 Right after Andrew took this picture, he burst into tears! I guess we will wait a while longer.
We also finally finished Owen's nursery! His bedding was backordered 5 months, so we were so excited when it finally came in!

He slept in there for the first time last night!

Having two babies has definitely rocked my world in a wonderful way. I love every second, but I definitely don't have the time to blog like I used to. I feel like every second is spoken for, and even then I have things on my list that need to get done the next day. With that being said, I wouldn't trade it for the world! 


Courtney said...

I enjoyed your update. Your sweet babes are growing up fast. I love their new rooms.

Jamie said...

Adorable pictures...they are growing up fast!

Abi said...

That pink bed was rather comfy! I'd come stay in it again!!!

keith&elizabeth said...

good to see where these sweeties call home ! ! !