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I am a 25 year old wife and mother living deep in the heart of Texas. My husband, Andrew, and I were blessed with the sweetest baby girl named Olivia, born in November 2009, and our adorable baby boy, Owen, born in May 2013. I created this blog to keep our friends and family part of our daily lives after we moved across the country. I love being a mom, Chick Fil A, pink, and sweet tea. The Lord has continued to amaze me with his goodness, mercy, and blessings he pours out on our family daily!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Life Lately

Our January/February has been full of the busyness of life! Here's a little update on us.
Olivia is still loving school every day. She was star student this morning AND it was the big Valentine's party. I may have cried when she was sitting at the table signing her name to all of her valentine's. How is she big enough to do that? Could she be any cuter?!

We also took on the HUGE project of painting our kitchen cabinets. I was lame and didn't take a before picture, but this is from a couple days after we moved in.
And here is the after. I spy a cute little baby hanging in the doorway:)

After! We are SO glad it is done. I've been desperate to paint these cabinets for SO long, but we've procrastinated knowing it would be a big project. I didn't hate the wood, but I love white cabinets! We are still contemplating Phase 2, which is a new backsplash and beadboard under the bar. And by contemplating I mean waiting till I convince Andrew to start more projects:)
 It took us 3 weeks working on weekends and every night after the kids were in bed. We had to sand it all, and then it took FIVE COATS of paint. I really wanted it to look professional when we were finished, so we took our time, and I can't believe how great it turned out.
We added glass to several of the doors and new hardware! We decided this is our favorite project we've ever done together. I cook supper almost every single week night, and this room really is the heart of our home.

This sweet little bug had his first bout of sickness last week. We aren't used to him being fussy and wanting to be held, so we are so glad he is back to his sweet little self.
He is officially crawling backwards and getting stuck under things constantly! He has gone forward a little bit in the last couple of days, and I know it is only a matter of time before my baby is officially mobile.
Owen is saying Mama and Dada and shaking his head no (especially at vegetables).
I just don't think there is anything more lovable than this little sweet baby boy!
Olivia is obsessed with dressing up and art. We spend countless hours changing from one ballgown to the next and playing princess. I love her imagination and sweet, determined spirit.
 These two sweet kiddos are my life right now, and I'm so thankful I get to spend every single day with them. If I had to sum up our "life lately" it would be this picture. Lots of love and smiles and enjoying our life as a family back together. The deployment is starting to seem like a faint memory, but at the same time it is a constant reminder to be thankful for the simple in life. For every supper we eat together, for every song we sing as a family in church, and for every bed time story read together. I am so truly thankful for being together this winter!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Five on Friday

1) I'm working on a few New Year's Goals for me and my family this week, but mainly I'm hoping I can just be more organized! I'm investing in a giant planner with room for all my meal plans, budgets, to do lists, and schedules, and hopefully I can start the year out on the right foot! Something about the frantic scramble of Christmas makes me crave routine and organization! I want to make the most of my time with my family, and be intentional with every minute of my day.

2)We had our first Christmas at home, just the four of us, in our home, and it was perfect! Olivia brought so the magic of Christmas into our house this year! We loved every second of it! These two pictures perfectly capture our Christmas Day. We sat around and played with the new toys all day! I loved it.

3) We traveled 62+ hours in the car between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Our kids are basically amazing travelers, but I can honestly say that none of us are ready to get back in the car for a LONG time.

4) Owen turned 7 months old on the 29th. I'm in denial! I have a full recap of his sweet little life so far that I will put on the blog soon!

5) Andrew's New Year Resolution (for me) is to blog more. Ha! I will try!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Cheer Part 3

Outtake Number 1 - I love how they are both doing the exact same thing!

 Outtake Number 2 - Obviously, I am hilarious :)
 Olivia and I painted a countdown tree together after she saw them do it on Curious George.
Owen watched from his bouncy seat:) I love his sweet brown eyes!

 I never think that Olivia and I look alike, but after seeing the pictures Andrew took of us, I saw some similarities for the first time! The older she gets, the more she is looking like me.
 While we painted, Owen figured out how to sit up in his chair, and then lean forward to get his toy after he threw it.
 After he grabbed the toy he would sit back up!
Then he figured out how to push the button and turn the vibrating on and off! We were totally cracking up! AND obviously, it is time to start buckling him in when we leave him alone in his bouncy seat!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday, December 6, 2013

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Star Student and 4 Month Check-up

Every week, a different kid is chosen in Olivia's preschool class to be the "star student". Each student gets to bring in a special toy and tell the class about it! Today was Olivia's turn, and she was SO excited!

Ha! She doesn't look excited at all in this picture, but she really wasn't into me taking her picture at school. Today was pizza day at school so she gets to wear their class shirt to school. Those are Olivia's very favorite day of school!
Olivia decided to bring her pink teddy bear named Alyssa! She put her favorite necklace that Andrew sent her from Afghanistan around the teddy bear's neck. Her teacher said that she was so cute telling her classmates all about her Daddy who was in the "armies".

Owen had his 4 month well check this morning while Olivia was at school. I love that I get one on one time with this cutie.
This boy is 15 pounds and 4 ounces full of pure baby love. 
He had a healthy check-up and had gained 2 pounds in the last month! All those late night feedings probably had something to do with it:) I had a great chat with our pediatrician, and we came up with a great plan to try to get Owen sleeping through the night. Hopefully in a couple weeks we will ALL be in a much better space.
I had to take a quick picture of him before we picked Olivia up from school today. I love this little face!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Few October Updates

This sweet boy turned 4 months old on the 29th! He is growing and changing every single day. I forgot how quickly this stage goes. We are loving every minute with him...well maybe not as much when he is up in the middle of the night for the 10th time :) I am working on a 4 month update!
Our sweet girl got a big girl bed! I was worried when we came home how she would transition to sleeping all alone upstairs after sleeping in the same room with me for a whole year. Thankfully, she did great!

 We ended up turning our guest bedroom into Owen's nursery, so we moved the queen size bed into Olivia's room, so we would have somewhere for guests to sleep! If you come visit, you get to stay in the pink room :)

Andrew also tackled the huge project of putting new floors in our entire downstairs! We still have one room to go till they are finished, but we are loving NO more carpet!!
I spy a sweet little baby in my living room :)
Owen's sleeping hasn't exactly been stellar for the last month, (a whole other post), so we decided to let him try rice cereal to see if it would help!

 Right after Andrew took this picture, he burst into tears! I guess we will wait a while longer.
We also finally finished Owen's nursery! His bedding was backordered 5 months, so we were so excited when it finally came in!

He slept in there for the first time last night!

Having two babies has definitely rocked my world in a wonderful way. I love every second, but I definitely don't have the time to blog like I used to. I feel like every second is spoken for, and even then I have things on my list that need to get done the next day. With that being said, I wouldn't trade it for the world!